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A fully concealable multi-use EDC tool designed for any life emergency.

What would you do if you've lost your gear? Lost your knife? Do you have the necessary skills to make a cutting tool? Can you make fire? The LRT's primary function is a survival arrowhead/spearhead but can be used as an emergency knife and make fire. Whatever the situation you find yourself in the LRT is there to help.

"Left handed" LRT shown, "Right Handed" available upon request.

Measuring at 2.5" long and 3/4" wide and 3/16" thick makes the LRT super light weight and easy to carry in any situation.


The cutting edge is 1" long leaving 1.5" for latching to any walking staff or arrow shaft.

The blade has countered single beveled edges. This creates a rotation while in flight and torsion force upon impact that will fracture bone. This prevents the LRT from getting stuck in bone or wood.


Can be used as a money clip.

Can be worn with or without a belt and is fully concealed.


The LRT will be made of 3/16" 1095 steel.

The $5500 will go to purchasing much needed equipment in order to make the LRT on a large scale.

Tools needed to bring the LRT to market:

  • Vertical Milling Machine
  • Belt Sander
  • Sheath Jig fabrication
  • Raw Material

Design improvements after successful campaign.

  • Finger grooves will be added to both sides
  • Lanyard hole added to fire steel
  • Two eyelet holes will be added to the sheath

Timeline for delivery will be 2 months after funds are delivered.

  1. Funds received 1 week after campaign ends.
  2. Milling Machine delivered 3 weeks after it has been ordered.
  3. Raw materials delivered 2 weeks after delivery.
  4. Water Jet cut blanks delivered 2 weeks after order.
  5. Sheath Jig will be delivered 4 weeks after it is ordered.

Shipping of LRT's can be expected to start at week 6 and should be completed by week 8.

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