Crank Carabiner: Tiniest Multi Tool

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Introducing... CRANK! CRANK is a compact, multipurpose, carabiner developed by TechKnew, inc. The versatile carabiner can be carried around numerous ways hassle free and become a handy tool for numerous situations. Designed specially for durability and light weight from Precision Laser Cut Stainless Steel. CRANK can be used for the most common phillips head, flat head, nail, and hex bolt sizes. Crank will lighten your pack and provide you with a sense of security for almost any adventure.


After numerous bike and climbing trips in the Rocky Mountains had to be cut short due to equipment failure and inconvenience, the CRANK utility carabiner was designed. Numerous multi tool options on the market lack a diversity of easy to carry options while maintaining functionality. CRANK is the ideal product specifically designed for versatility and convenient transportation. Pocket knives are an incredible tool, but are not always easy to travel with or engage in rigorous activities. Don't get stopped by TSA! Many Multi-tool carabiners can also be large and clunky. There are no solutions for just a few key rings, or slip into your wallet, or hang casually of your side.

CRANK solves all these issue, and maintains functionality with all of its extra features. We want to be the go to product for keychains, daily use , and active lifestyles. We need your help!! Fellow Kickstarters, please help bring our awesome product to the market!

Feedback is always welcome, and we look forward to redesigning this product to fit specific market needs such as bikers. Please post your comments and share with your friends!




The unique CRANK design stands out from any other multi tool, and makes you say woah! The rectangular design was chosen for maximum tool space per square inch. The rectangular design also allows for more comfortable and practical ways of carrying the carabiner so that it can follow you everywhere hassle free!

The carabiner is constructed with A2 Stainless Steel (Type 304). This grade of steel is the most common stainless steel; thus, maintaining quality, reducing cost, and increasing manufacturability. The composite of this steel is 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

This is our first product directed to all adventurous people. We are determined to have a successful Kickstarter Campaign, and distribute our product to your local outdoor stores. We hope after our kickstarter campaign that we will have some great feedback and specifically design a carabiner for biking, climbing, or hiking.

We need you! Although we have done all the research, design, and testing to come up with the first few prototypes, our crowdfunding goal of $7,500.00 will cover all the initial costs of commercializing our product. This includes the price of raw materials, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution expenses necessary to successfully launch our product to market.


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