How it works & FAQs

What is Weapon Launcher?  Weapon Launcher is a crowd funding platform for creators and inventors. Everything from firearms, knives, edc gear to survival, film and games, product design.

Why was Weapon Launcher started?  The big crowdfunding companies prevent weapon makers from bringing their innovations to the market. Weapon Launcher was created to fight back and allow all creators to bring their ideas to the market, no matter what it is. We feel the people should judge your product and not a corporation.

How it Works


You can’t run an empire without a budget. Tell us why and what you need the money for; raw material, new machinery, death ray. Whatever it is you need, make sure to break down the budget so your backers know you’re serious.


Let you backers know when they’ll receive their reward. Again, be honest of when you’ll be able to deliver the rewards.

Does my project have to be a weapon to use weapon launcher?

Not at all. Despite our name, we hope to draw a wide array of people and ideas for the betterment of mankind. Want to produce a series of high quality instructional videos for gun safety and handling? Do it here. Do you have an awesome new epic adventure movie ready to film? Bring it on. Got a great idea for a book detailing your theories on the perfect hunt? Let us help you publish it. Developed an incredible device to make your home or your child’s school safer in this crazy world? We want one too. Want to start a new kingdom for the world of L.A.R.P, or get your cosplay armory funded? Give it a Shot. Take a look at the categories listed to get an idea of the possibilities. Basically, if your idea is going to help make shepherds out of sheep, it belongs on Weapon Launcher.

Every project should have the following:

A project page with a video and description that clearly explain the story behind your project

Rewards that backers will receive when the project is completed

Updates that let your backers know how the project is progressing.

How to start a project

First off, don’t half ass your project. Seriously, would you back a project that only had a picture and the creator asking for money without explanation of what it is your backing? Neither would we! Your project needs to be straightforward, have a clear message and end goal. We want you to be successful so here are a few tips to get you going.

How to tell us about yourself and your project?

Well make a video. We don’t expect you to have a HD quality action packed video. Use what you got and just remember to be clear, specific and honest.

I have an idea I’d like to get funded, but I’m not sure if it will work. How will I know?

Start a campaign. If it’s good, your backers will tell you with their donations. If it’s not, we’ll tell you by not approving it….or the feds will when we report you and they kick your door down.

I would like to submit a project but there isn’t a category for it, what do I do?

Put in a category that is closest to your idea. You can also send a request for a new category.

Offer a Variety

The more options you offer the better chance you have of achieving your funding goal. But don’t go crazy and offer 40 different reward levels. This could overwhelm people and they’ll probably move on to another project.


Tell your backers how you plan to complete your projected when it’s funded. When will it be completed and when do they get their reward. Be as clear and detailed as possible.


Keep the pricing fair. A reward should be priced to entice people to back your project. Don’t offer a pencil for $100 and expect people to back your project. Be realistic and think about what your backers would really want to have.

Promote your Project!

You’ve got the project and rewards done. Now get out there and tell everyone back your project. Social media can spread your ideas like wild fire. Make sure to utilize all your promotional options.


Let’s be honest, people back projects because they: a) think it’s awesome, and b) want something in return. It can be a product you’ve made at a discounted price or whatever you want it to be. Get creative. Your reward is a thank you to your backers so make it worth their while.


Don’t forget to calculate shipping. Be realistic when planning for shipping cost, it doesn’t cost $50 send a postcard.

What CAN’T I start a campaign for?

If it’s illegal, you can’t do it. Remember folks, you are responsible for following all Federal, State, and local laws in every aspect, both as a project creator, and as a project backer. If you see something questionable, please alert our Site Administrator.

What is all or nothing funding?

All projects must raise the full amount by the deadline. This is done to make sure that all projects can be completed. If you need $10,000 to bring your product to market then there is no way you can be successful if you only raise $3,000. It is important to set realistic funding goals and to get the word out about your project, in order to make sure it’s successful.

What is your project?

This is a no brainer, but we need to know what you’re making. If you have a prototype then
show us how it works. Pictures and drawings work great too.

What type of rewards should you offer?

Make your rewards interesting. It can be as simple as “Thank You” card or cool swag. If you have a sweet knife design then make it a reward option. The choice is yours, but make sure it’s legal.

Who are you?

Tell us about yourself and/or team. This is a great way to build trust.

Your Project Page

We’ve all sat around with friends sharing ideas of world domination and how to get there. So think of your project as the first step toward ruling a small country. You can’t be like, “I want to rule a country.” and poof it happens. Life doesn’t work that way, so you need a plan. A really awesome plan. Or a simple plan. Either way you need to describe your plan in detail so potential backers get a better understanding of what you want to do. The project page is where you can tell us about you, your project and why it’s awesome.