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Jacksonville Company Opens Up Crowdfunding Opportunities For Weapon Entrepreneurs

A Clay County company has launched a new crowdfunding platform to open up opportunities for entrepreneurs that have been shut out by restrictive policies of traditional crowdfunding sites.

Brothers Michael and Harvey Eubank started Weapon Launcher in July to provide an avenue for gunsmiths, knife makers, and weapon innovators to access crowdfunding to finance their ideas.

“If you’re trying to get funding to build a replica rifle for historical purposes, you’re going to be banned by all of the traditional crowdfunding sites,” said Michael Eubank, CEO of the company based in Fleming Island. “We are giving you the opportunity to showcase your idea to the world, rather than being shut down immediately – as you would have been before Weapon Launcher.”

Michael Eubank, a local entrepreneur, has been tinkering with a variety of products he’d like to get on the market. But he saw that if he wanted to produce a non-lethal gun for self defense, for example, he would not be able to use crowdfunding to raise capital for production.

Weapon Launcher is not only for entrepreneurs looking to produce weapons, but strives to be the go-to platform to fund weapon-related ideas. That could include fantasy or action/adventure movies, board games, or video games, Michael Eubank said.

“There are so many creative entrepreneurs with innovative ideas – I’m excited to see what they bring to our site and to provide a place for them to connect to funding,” Michael Eubank said.

Weapon Launcher works similar to many crowdfunding sites where the entrepreneur sets a funding goal and must get fully funded to access the contributions. For example, if a knife maker is seeking $10,000 in funding, he or she must raise the entire $10,000.

Weapon Launcher does not sell any weapons and strictly adheres to all state and federal regulations. For example, if a person is developing a replica gun and wants to ship one to a backer from Weapon Launcher, the person must ship it to a dealer with a Federal Firearms License. That licensed dealer must then run a background check and follow all of the laws and regulations required to sell a firearm.

“We’re not a black market for guns – not even close,” Michael Eubank said. “We are helping entrepreneurs connect their ideas to funding so they can make their own living and potentially even grow jobs in their communities.”

About Weapon Launcher
Weapon Launcher helps gunsmiths, knife makers, survivalists, and innovators of the weapon world connect to funding necessary to make their ideas reality.

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